Strategic Development Plan

Strategic Development Plan

King's has a long and inspiring history and we intend to ensure that the school thrives in the years ahead. To achieve this, every five years we publish a Strategic Development Plan to define and shape the school's development; this is the second Plan publised by the current Headmaster.

The key theme for our 2023 - 2028 Strategic Development Plan is simply ‘Foundations’. Dating back to at least 1541 and following significant recent investment in facilities, the school clearly has a proud history but also enjoys current success. The main aim for the next five years therefore, is to build even stronger foundations which will help the school to thrive for centuries to come.

2023-2028 Strategic Development Plan:


We expect that there will be much to challenge us in the next five years, however, with clearly defined Ethos and Aims, allied to ambitious objectives, we are confident that King's will continue to develop and thrive - despite these challenges.

Our Ethos was defined in the 2018 Strategic Development Plan and continues in the current plan.

Our Ethos