The King's School appointed uniform supplier is Stevensons; a family-run, specialist uniform and sportswear provider who currently supply over 550 schools across the UK.

Good quality, second-hand uniform can be bought from King's Klobber.

We hold a sample of most of the items of uniform, in each size, in School which you are able to see and try on.  If you would like to do this, before purchasing the uniform online from Stevensons, please email [email protected] to arrange a suitable time.

Prior to ordering uniform, we recommend that you refer to the King's Uniform Guide below, to ensure that you are purchasing the correct items for your child.


Uniform Lists

Little King's Uniform 

Please also read the further information at the end of this page on the Little King's uniform requirements.

Year 1 and Year 2 Uniform

Year 3 to Year 6 Uniform

Senior School Uniform

Sixth Form Dress Code

Please note Monkhouse items of uniform and sports kit cannot be worn after September 2025.



Families can purchase school uniform and sportswear via the Stevensons website, or over the telephone.  They offer a 180 day returns policy to exchange unused uniform.

By phone

To place orders or for queries.  Contact hours: Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5.30pm. Sunday: closed

Tel: 01727 815 700 or email: [email protected]

During the busy summer period their phone lines will be open for longer.


It's easy to shop at www.stevensons.co.uk with low-cost postage and packing and FREE returns.

Please register for an account intially, then search for The King's School, Gloucester and add our school to your account. You can then add your child / children and their Year Group/s and the relevant uniform will be displayed.

Under the image of the clothing it clearly identifies which items are compulsory. Please also check the 'more information' tab for each garment, details are given about that item - for example which sports the item is relevant for, whether it can be sourced from other retailers, etc.


King's Klobber

Second-hand school uniform is available from King’s Klobber. The shop, based on the top floor of the Coach House, is run by parent volunteers and stocks good quality used uniform.  There is an online shop with all the available items listed and this is regularly updated.

1) Please go to www.kingsklobber.co.uk and place your order. 

2) Payment needs to be made through the website checkout. Payments are via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use your debit card.

3) Orders placed by midnight Wednesday, will be processed on Thursday. Junior School orders will be given to the pupil at the end of the day to take home and Senior School orders can be collected from Palace Reception by the pupil on Fridays.

4) Refunds - we will be able to give refunds should they be required. While we accept that refunds are essential when you are unable to 'try before you buy', we would like to avoid unnecessary refunds (and the additional work for our volunteers). Please take accurate measurements before you buy, check the size of current uniform and work on going up a size from that. When buying online people sometimes buy the same item in different sizes and return the ones they don't want. That is not in keeping with the spirit of King's Klobber and orders like this will be queried.

If you have a query regarding King's Klobber, please contact the School's Main Reception on 01452 337 337 or email [email protected].

We would also encourage parents to wash any unwanted uniform and sort out a bag for King's Klobber. Parents who donate uniform will be given a 25% annual discount off future purchases from King’s Klobber. We have moved to this arrangement in order to streamline the administration, thereby allowing time for our volunteers to develop the King’s Klobber website.


Little King's

One of the things that make children in Little King's stand out is the uniform. They are proud to put on their school uniform every day and to feel part of the overall school. We are also proud of our uniform and encourage all pupils and parents to respect our rules.

A specific style of uniform has been chosen and is strictly adhered to. Full uniform lists can be found on this page. All children in Reception need a PE kit in school.

Parents are advised that children must not bring expensive toys or watches to school, as no responsibility can be accepted for their loss or damage. Jewellery is not allowed, with the exception of plain gold studs which may be worn by the girls. During games these must be removed or ‘taped’.

Children must always have a uniform jumper and coat at school.


Girls – tied back, with navy blue accessories and no gel

Boys – conventional, traditional style ie above the collar, not close shaven and no gel.

All belongings brought to school must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Using a biro to name clothes is unsatisfactory as it quickly washes out. The marking on boots and shoes often becomes illegible after wear and may need to be renewed. A note will be sent home if a child is improperly dressed.

Little King's Children

In order to help the smooth running of Little King's, we ask parents to ensure that every child has a small named plastic box containing spare pants, tights/socks and a spare set of clothes in case of any accidents.

School Bags

Children in Little King's are asked to purchase school bags from the school uniform shop.

During the Trinity (Summer) Term, when the weather is hot and sunny, it is essential children come to school with sun cream applied and a sun hat.