ISI Reports

ISI Reports


On this page you can find a copy of our most recent inspection report, produced by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in September 2022.  In summary, the exceptionally positive report concludes: 

  • We met every single one of the compliance standards
  • The two verdicts (on pupil achievement and pupil personal development) were the highest level possible: ‘Excellent’ in both categories.
  • Our careful planning for a steady, incremental growth of the school roll was also approved

The King's School September 2022 Inspection Report

Previous reports can be accessed from the ISI website HERE


Here are just a few of the highlights from the  2022 ISI Report:

"Pupils' attitude towards their learning is excellent. Pupils demonstrated consistent engagement during lessons. Pupils explained that this is in response to passionate and expert teaching."

"In all lessons, pupils worked with enthusiasm and purpose.  Behaviour is highly supportive of others, and of everyone's learning."

"Pupils' self-confidence, self-esteem and self-knowledge is excellent."

"Pupils' respect and appreciation for diversity and cultural understanding is strong. They demonstrate sensitivity to those from different backgrounds."

"Pupils' involvement in the running of many aspects of the life of the school gives them a strong sense of self-worth."


We welcome any feedback you may have on the report.  Please send it to [email protected]