Transition (Year 1 - 2)

Transition (Year 1 - 2)

The Transition years (Years 1 and 2) help children make a progressive change from the Early Years to more formal education; using a rich mix of play, discovery, theme days, excursions and guided techniques to keep learning fresh and up-to-date.

Transition Years - Preparing for the future

There is a broader curriculum and we start to teach subjects separately. Much of the morning is devoted to English and Maths, with reading and writing an important focus?for both years. Facilities such as tablet computers and computer suites are readily available when required. This is a time when we begin to identify individual talent and we encourage pupils to learn independently and express their ideas freely.  

Transition classes benefit from a teaching assistant, who can take small?tutorial groups from each class and offer extra support and enrichment as necessary. ?A range of caring class teachers, specialist subject teachers, teaching assistants and support staff add stimulating variety, support, enrichment and further expertise.

As always, instilling a love of learning remains a prime objective. Cross-curricular topics, themed days and weeks, excursions to support topic work, and a veritable host of activities, all help to enrich the children’s experience and make learning fun.

Here are a few photos from our summer play: 'Around The British Isles':

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Our Transition Team

Mrs McDonald

Mrs Berry

I have been teaching the younger children for many years and my love for teaching Early Years has never dwindled. The Early Years are truly magical! I was once told by a parent that 'their child skipped to school and skipped home again' and this is something that I have striven for ever since. The children's happiness and love for learning is paramount and I adore watching them achieve great things. I like to make the learning fun and love telling stories as Story Telling Jo. I value the relationships that I build with parents over the course of the year as they have entrusted me with their most precious children, I truly believe that I have the best job!

Mrs Keyte

Hello! My name is Mrs Keyte and I am one of the Upper Transition teachers. I absolutely love teaching the young children, and over the past 14 years have taught children right from Kindergarten through to Year Two. Happy children learn best, and I am passionate about ensuring children are learning in a creative, fun and exciting way so much that they can’t wait to start their day! I have two young boys myself which means even on the weekends you will find me fully embracing: den building, car counting, superhero story-telling and even practising my football skills! I also have a very large fluffy Labernese dog who loves long walks on the hills at the weekends.  

Mrs Dimond
Mrs DimondHello, my name is Mrs Dimond and I am one of the Lower Transition teachers at Kings Junior School. I love teaching Key Stage 1 and I am the Phonics Co-ordinator. At University I studied Geography and I love to travel and learn about new and interesting places. Before I became a teacher, I lived in Italy for 5 years teaching English. I speak some Italian and I especially enjoy cooking Italian food! In my spare time I play Netball and I love to read. I love dogs and at home I have a 4 year old dog called Mabli. She is a playful black Labrador and she loves taking my husband  and me for long walks!
Miss Gee
Miss GeeKing’s is a special place and I love working here and am currently teaching as part of the Lower Transition team. I am an avid tea drinker and spend many hours outside of school partaking in this hobby! Alongside tea drinking, I enjoy live music, playing various sports and completing the occasional jigsaw puzzle! I try and make full use of my summer holidays by packing my bags and hopping on a plane to a far off destination. With the aim to visit a new country every year, I am slowly ticking off the continents one by one.  
Miss Savage

Hello, my name is Miss Savage and I am an Upper Transition teacher. I joined King’s in November 2020, and despite only being here for a short time, I am loving every inch of my first year teaching. I have recently graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a Bachelors in Primary Education, where my love for teaching was defined. Children are so precious and I endeavour to nurture their magical imaginations with exciting teaching approaches, that harness a love for learning. 

When I am not Miss Savage, you will probably find me walking my beautiful cocker spaniel, Benji ... although he normally walks me! Our favourite place to adventure is Cleeve Hill, not only because of the breath-taking views but because it is our special place, where we are closer to reaching the stars!  Remember, always have courage and be kind.

Mrs Hyett
Mrs HyettI started working as a one-to-one support in 2015 and then became a full time Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 1. My previous role was as a salon owner and I still use my skills by doing hair and make-up for the school productions. I’m involved with Early Birds and various after school clubs. My three dogs keep me busy, as well the guinea-pig, rabbit, hamster and coy carp (yes, I’m a lover of animals!). I have three wonderful children and a granddaughter who mean the world to me and my husband.  
Mrs Williams
Miss Gee

Hello!  I joined King’s in September 1995! I first started working in the Wardle House nursery which had officially opened the year before.
In September 2004 l moved across to work as a Teaching Assistant in Junior School. I help run Early Birds and I very much enjoy the fast pace of life and also the tradition at King’s.
Before l joined King’s l worked in London at various schools and also did a chalet/nanny ski season in France. In 1989 l completed my NNEB  training at Chiltern Training College and a couple of years later completed my Montessori Diploma. 
I now have two grown up children and live with my husband and Elvis my cat. In my spare time l like to keep fit by jogging, walking and swimming. However my absolute favourite past time is to meet up with a friend and have a good natter over a cup of tea with a big piece of cake!  In the words of one of our pupils: “Mrs Williams, you are always wearing blue, and even your eye liner is blue”!