Shell (Year 5 - 6)

Shell (Year 5 - 6)

The two Shell years are the final phase of Junior School education, and play an important role in readying children for Senior School. During their time in the Shell classes, pupils are taught by a wider range of teachers in a variety of settings, which will often include Senior School classrooms. This increases their familiarity with the Senior School routines and environment.

Shell classes place even greater emphasis on encouraging independent learning and to assist pupils we teach them study skills and how to develop a positive learning mindset.

Independent Workers

Children gradually become more responsible for their own progress and take an increasing interest in broadening their horizons – wanting to know more and valuing learning for its own sake through the application of critical thinking, and performing for a wider audience.

Musical Performance at King'sTo enable this broad approach, teaching takes place not only in the classroom but also in the ICT suite, the performing arts centre, the science labs and the art rooms. There are many opportunities for enrichment too with maths lessons in Senior School and access to the Senior School library.

In common with every year group at King’s, our small class sizes ensure that staff have a good understanding of individual pupil progress and of their social, cultural and moral development.

By the end of the Shells, pupils are independent, confident and enthusiastic; a sound base for the next chapter of their education.

Mrs Wyman

Mrs WymanMrs Wyman is a really kind, patient and cheerful teacher. I love lessons with her as she always makes them fun. She always helps me if I get stuck, with a big smile on her face. She helps us all to improved in everything we do, not just our lessons but how we behave, socialise and mature. Being with Mrs Wyman always makes my day!

Mrs Wyman is married with two children, who both come to this school. She plays saxophone and sings in a band: which is really cool!

Miss Sysum
Miss Sysum

Miss Sysum is a very kind person and has been very welcoming since we joined Lower Shell. She always helps us to find answers to our problems and is great to turn to when we are feeling sad, as she always listens to what we have to say. We are very lucky to have her in Lower Shell as she is an amazing teacher who teaches us English, Science, History, Art and PSHE. 

In her own time, Miss Sysum enjoys exercising in the gym, playing tennis, hiking, reading, cooking, knitting and playing with her crazy cat, Coco! She is also a licensed GB archery instructor.

Mrs Tuffill
Mrs TuffillHello, my name is Mrs Tuffill and I am the Director of Studies at King’s Junior School as well as being the Lower Shell T class teacher. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl and I love helping children to learn new things.   At university I gained a French degree which involved me living in France for a year. This was amazing and I lived with a French family and became a fluent speaker during this time. In my spare time at home I love to bake cakes with my daughter, go to the gym and sing with Rock Choir.  I have performed with my choir in amazing venues such as the O2 arena and Disneyland Paris and we even recorded a CD at Abbey Road Studios. I love cats and have 2 crazy cats at home called Leo and Merlin. Did you want to know a strange fact about me? I can recite the alphabet backwards in less than 5 seconds!
Mr Bennett 
Mr BennettMr Bennett is one of our Upper Shell teachers and the Junior School Deputy Head (Academic). He is epic because he knows when to be humorous and have fun but also when to be serious and strict! He specialises in Math, Science, ICT, PSHE and Games. Mr Bennett is very good at explaining (especially in math and science) to make sure everybody knows what they are doing. He is funny and always has time to check up on what you are doing. If you ever have any problems, he will listen. Outside of school, Mr Bennett loves playing golf and keeping fit.
Mrs Jeffree

Mrs. Jeffree is a fantastic musician and a very funny teacher. However, she can also be strict, which is good for a year 6 teacher as her students will be going off to Secondary School. She always makes lessons exciting and full of learning. Mrs Jeffree is very kind and everyone in her class is very happy to have her as their teacher, even if she does tell the most appalling jokes!

Out of school, she loves to sing, camp, canoe, walk her dog (Daisy) and to knit and sew. Eating chocolate is also one of her personal strengths.