Prep (Year 3 - 4)

Prep (Year 3 - 4)

Through a stimulating, engaging and rigorous curriculum, our Prep classes build a strong foundation in all the core subjects as well as being introduced to more specific subject areas.

A Roman TortoiseTopics such as History, Geography, French, PE, Dance, Performing Arts, Music, Information & Communications Technology and critical thinking are key areas of our curriculum

In every subject we organise our teaching into smaller, tightly focused modules, reinforcing learning and underpinning concepts through role-play, physical activities and the use of multi-media stimuli.

While the Prep classes place greater emphasis on formal learning, we ensure there is always plenty of opportunity for children to find their niche and identify their interests.

Mr Cooper

Mr CooperHello my name is Mr Cooper and I am one of the Lower Prep teachers at King’s. I lead on the Keystones initiative (feel free to ask me about this) and chair the School Council in the Junior School. I started teaching here in January 2011 and teach Maths, PSHE, Science, History and Geography to the Lower Prep classes. I am also one of the sports teachers and enjoy teaching PE and Games to all pupils in Lower Prep and all boys across Junior School. I arrange the School’s sports days and Cross Country which are always enjoyable as it is great to see all the children participating with such enthusiasm. I completed my Bachelor of Education at the University of Chester which was combined with Physical Education.

Out of school, I enjoy playing and watching a wide range of sports and can often be found at Kingsholm or the New Lawn supporting our local teams (but my true favourites are Leeds United….hush!) At home we have two guinea pigs, a number of tropical fish and a tortoise whose name is Eric.

Miss Richell

Hello! My name is Miss Richell and I started teaching at King’s Junior School in September 2019 in Lower Prep. I am head of Science in the Junior School and also run Eco-Council, exploring all the ways in which we can improve how we look after our school, local area and planet!

I love Swimming and Shakespeare (not normally together, although that could be interesting!) and, as a result, have a passion for sport, reading, writing and drama. I studied my Psychology BSc undergraduate degree at Loughborough University, where I started my research into how children learn. I then went on to complete my Master of Education degree at the University of Cambridge, where I qualified as a teacher, exploring the different learning styles of children, in particular those of boys. Due to this, I teach in a creative and active way to engage all of the children in my class; having fun is my number one rule!

Mrs Humber

My name is Mrs Humber and I am one of the Lower Prep teachers at King’s. I have always been passionate about teaching in lower end of the school, and I enjoy creating an exciting and enriching curriculum for the children I teach. I believe that children learn best when they are part of hands- on experiences that spark a natural curiosity and eagerness to find out more.

When I am not in the classroom, I can usually be found out on adventures with my three young children dog walking, den building, crafting or storytelling! I also love going to the theatre to enjoy musicals or to watch the ballet!  

Mrs Johnson (by the children)

Mrs JohnsonMrs J is kind and generous and lovely. She is very funny. She always wears red or pink lipstick and always wears a scarf because she is always cold! Mrs J goes crazy if someone takes her green marking pen! She loves bright colours and she loves art work.

Mrs Johnson has been teaching for a long time and runs the Junior School library, a Waterstones reading enrichment programme, Art Academy, chorister fundraising cake sales and art displays and exhibitions. Mrs Johnson loves to read books. She is a very busy full time class teacher who has three children herself. Life is always busy and fun with Mrs Johnson!

Miss Hammond

Miss HammongHello, I am Miss Hammond. I currently teach in Upper Prep and am the Pastoral Lead in Junior School. I love teaching in Junior School especially Maths and History as well as Games. Outside of school, I sing in a choir. My enjoyment for this started when I sang in the school choir here at King’s.

Many of my hobbies involve being outdoors such as cycling and cricket. Occasionally I play hockey and go canoeing. I once lead an expedition down the Murray River in Australia. 

Mrs Bishop

Miss AllenHello my name is Mrs Bishop I’ve been a teaching assistant here at King’s since 2009 and I currently work with Lower Prep and in Early Birds. Before working at King’s I studied graphic design and I recently completed my degree in education.

In my spare time, I really enjoy baking, reading, interior design and Yoga. I love travelling to faraway places, including Shanghai, Mexico and Morocco. I’m hoping to go on an American road trip next

You can see some of the photos from our Summer play, 'In the Deep', here:

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