Music & Drama

Music & Drama


Music has been the heartbeat of The King’s School since the first choristers were educated here and at Gloucester Cathedral around 500 years ago. Music is just one aspect of the rich co-curricular life of the School, offering opportunities for the pupils to develop life-long interests, skills and friendships.

Today, King’s continues to uphold its choral tradition with huge pride, whilst also offering a diverse range of music-making opportunities; from Swing Band to organ lessons, and from composition to overseas tours. Our boy and girl choristers performed in Berlin with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and our Music Department led a tour to Amsterdam.

The layout of the Music School allows us to rehearse smaller ensembles, such as woodwind trios, or string quartets, with six dedicated rooms for our Visiting Music Teachers, which are equipped with new pianos and other teaching resources and equipment. The main teaching rooms flow well into each other to provide flexibility when rehearsing practical music, composing and listening.  

With six choral groups, numerous ensembles and a huge range of instrumental tuition, pupils have the very best opportunities to discover and to develop their musical talents. Many pupils will perform in front of an appreciative, knowledgeable audience at the events held throughout the year – often in the magnificent setting of the Cathedral or other prestigious venues. As an academic subject, we offer Music at both GCSE and A Level.

Music is genuinely for all at King’s. Whether they are just starting out on their musical journey, building on existing skills, or refining an exceptional talent, our aim is to help each pupil discover and be inspired by the tremendous emotional and intellectual stimulus that music brings.  Whatever path our pupils take, their positive experience at King’s will ensure music continues to enrich their lives.

Videos of our concerts can be watched via our #SchoolStories webpage here.



Team spirit is not only a requirement on the sports field: drama is the ultimate team game. Education is all about gaining self-confidence, and there are few ways better than standing on stage to develop that key quality in life.

Above all, drama at King's allows pupils to express themselves and identify imaginatively with other people and different situations. Best of all, it is always great fun. Performing arts such as dance and drama promote a sense of confidence, self-reliance, co-ordination and poise. They also provide great enjoyment and pride in achievement.

King's is renowned for its outstanding productions. From Shakespeare to The School of Rock, the varied programme of Drama at King's has something to interest every pupil. Our major productions are combined with House Drama Competitions, and GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies. Whilst competition for lead roles is fierce, a huge proportion of the school is actively and excitedly involved in drama in one way or another, often alongside many other rewarding co-curricular opportunities.

Photos from our productions can be viewed here.


We offer LAMDA speech and drama lessons and exams - King's is a registered LAMDA examination centre.

LAMDA’s performance examinations use drama to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice. These are key skills, which are encouraged across all key stages at The King’s School. A pupil may follow a course in a chosen category:

  • Speaking Verse and Prose
  • Speaking in Public
  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre

Furthermore, Grades 6, 7 and 8 count towards UCAS points for university applications. Full details are available at

Lessons will take place during the school day on a rotation basis, to ensure that pupils do not miss the same class each week. A lesson timetable will be created by your child’s LAMDA teacher and shared with pupils and parents at the start of each half term.

For further information please email Katie Baker, the Performing Arts Administrator [email protected].