Sport is genuinely for all at King’s, enabling every student to enjoy its benefits while providing expert coaching for the talented.

Our aim is to ensure all students experience the advantages of sport and physical fitness and can go on to enjoy those benefits long after they leave us. At the same time, we want to give our best young sportsmen and women the start they need to further their sporting careers. We have an outstanding track record in achieving both these objectives.

To ensure that all students will find an activity they enjoy, we support a huge range of sports and provide excellent facilities, including our state-of-the-art Sports Centre at Archdeacon Meadow complete with a floodlit All-Weather Pitch.

Expert PE staff and coaches, who are specialists in their fields, teach all of our students. The experience of being coached by the best staff, many of whom have represented their country, ensures that, along with learning the correct technique, students are truly inspired.

For high-achievers in sport, we offer pupils our Gifted and Talented programme. This provides professional coaching and a range of opportunities for individuals to develop their prowess.

Throughout the academic year, we organise a full programme of inter-school matches during the week and at weekends. King’s has built a strong reputation for sporting success at these fixtures.

Whether it is through regular PE and Games lessons or through our many extra-curricular activities and clubs, the values and memories derived from sport at King’s mean it will always play a central role in school life.

Sports Scholarships

Each year we award a number of Sports Scholarships to those children who demonstrate the ability to progress and achieve high levels of success within their chosen sport. More information about the Sports Scholarship can be found HERE

Fixtures and Results

Details of all the School's match fixtures, including teams, venues and timings and results, can be found on the Socs Sports App - click on the icon below.  A guide on how to use Socs Sport can be found HERE

Gifted and Talented Programme  

The PE Department at King’s aims to support, develop and nurture high achieving sporting students who have the ability to excel within their chosen sport.

The Gifted and Talented Sports Programme highlights gifted students who are competing at a high level in one or more sports and assigns mentors with particular sporting strengths and expertise to the students.

Student Criteria:

  • National squads
  • Regional/County squads
  • District squads/academies

Key Features of the Programme:

The programme has four stages of development:

  1. Years 5 to 7: the focus will be on improving movement patterns (change of direction, acceleration etc) and developing dynamic power and core strength (initially body weight only exercises). There is also an emphasis on developing hand and eye co-ordination.
  2. Years 8 and 9 pupils learn the correct techniques for strength training (hinge, squats, presses and pulls).
  3.  Years 9 and10 will start to follow programmes designed to increase loading (if the technique is in place).
  4. Years 11 to 13: students will be supported in group and 1:1 training with our S&C Co-ordinator (built in and around their academic curriculum).


The programme is run in conjunction with the Sport Strength & Conditioning Department at the
University of Gloucestershire. All sessions are planned and led by our Strength & Conditioning Co-ordinator.


The PE Department is committed to a programme of excellence that, with regular training sessions, will nurture sporting potential in pupils focusing on three areas:

  1. Increasing knowledge and standards in the key features of the programme
  2. Improving performances and standards in sport
  3. Through the mentoring programme, allowing the pupils to take ownership of their own pathway to sporting success.


King's have a partnership with The Prime Practice to ensure that our pupils, carrying injuries, receive the best possible advice, treatment and rehabilitation required, to return to fitness and ultimately back to participating in sport as soon as possible. 

Hannah Maynard is our dedicated therapist. She gain her BSc Sports Therapy degree from the University of Gloucestershire in 2018 and has been working with The Prime Practice ever since. Hannah has worked in a variety of sports including Hockey, American football and Rugby. She is currently the Head of Medical for the GRFU and has a Pre Hospital Immediate Care in Sport qualification.  

Her sports injury clinic runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12:30 – 17:00 and is open to all pupils at King's. All appointments must be booked by using the following link:

The only stipulation when booking an appointment is that pupils cannot miss an academic lesson. The cost of these sessions will be £38.00 per 30 minute appointment and will be added to the end of term bill. 

University of Gloucestershire

Working in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire's Sports Science Department, pupils are able to utilise sports testing facilities to gather data and feedback on their own sporting capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Pupils also have access to a fully qualified Physiotherapist on a weekly basis.

Sports tours

King's offers many exciting touring opportunities for our Senior School Students.

Boys' rugby have enjoyed bi-annual tours to Ireland and Italy. The Junior teams have also had opportunities to travel abroad with the Hockey squads touring to Holland and the Rounders team to Jersey.

The Senior Cricket, Hockey and Netball teams have been lucky enough to travel to destinations such as Barbados, South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia over the past few years.