Welcome to Junior School

Welcome to Junior School

Communicating the essence of a school is never easy and this is particularly true of King’s, which has so much to offer children beginning their exciting journey in education. However, I would like to highlight just a few qualities that I think make King’s truly outstanding.

As Gloucester’s Cathedral School, founded in 1541 by Henry VIII, we are hugely proud of our heritage and traditions. Every day we are inspired by one of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals in England; holding our morning assemblies in the Chapter House and our services in its Nave.

Our history and surroundings are wonderful, but King’s provides something even more valuable – a love of learning. We do this by presenting stimulating and engaging lessons and also by encouraging children to pursue their personal interests – the range of co-curricular activities we provide is astonishingly varied and genuinely enriching.

While we celebrate individual talent and excellence, pupils of all ages have a very strong sense of community and soon become supportive team members. This blend of personal achievement and team spirit is one of the defining qualities of King’s.

Head of King's Junior School - Anne HaasGrowing-up can be challenging. Consequently, we ensure that the quality of our pastoral care matches the high quality of our teaching. We work in close partnership with parents to create a secure environment where children of all abilities can thrive and be happy.

You can read much more about us on this site, but if you are new to King’s, there is nothing better than seeing our School in action. I hope, therefore, that one day soon I will have the pleasure of welcoming you and your child to King’s for a visit. I would love to show you around our ‘remarkable’ school.

Anne Haas
Head of King’s Junior School

Being King's SMART

Here in the Junior School, we strive to be King's SMART at all times. 


  • Be friendly and considerate 

  • Be helpful or supportive 

  • Think about how our words or actions make others feel



  • Enter and leave classrooms in an orderly manner

  • Walk, do not run, when inside                 

  • Step aside and/or open doors for each other

  • Treat each other and all adults with courtesy                    



  • Arrive on time 
  • Be ready and properly equipped 
  • Listen, focus, think, contribute and take turns in discussion 
  • Be co-operative
  • Take care with our work and appearance 
  • Strive to do our best            



  • Overcoming adversity both academically and socially

  • Embracing challenges

  • Persisting in the face of setbacks            



  • Working together with others 

  • Co-operating with others and developing their talents together to reach a goal


Each Summer the Junior School students are given a 'Summer Science Challenge'. This year the challenge was to design and make a device that launches a ping pong ball the farthest distance across Paddock field. 

Children of all ages are welcome to enter, from Little King’s to Upper Shell!

Here is the video of our students testing out their devices to see which one travelled the furthest.

There were prizes for distance travelled and the most inventive. 

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