Exam Information

Exam Information

Exam Timetables

Hard copies of overall exam timetables will be displayed on the student noticeboards in the main school (Palace) and Sixth Form area (Dulverton) prior to, and during each exam series. Individual student timetables will normally be made available to candidates via their tutors or during a year group meeting shortly after entries have been finalised. Students must notify the Exams Officer immediately if they identify any errors in their timetable or personal information therein.

Summer Examinations 2024

The timetables for the summer exams will be published here when they are finalised.


There are a number of official documents accompanying each exam series that students must be  made aware of.  JCQ (The Joint Council for Qualifications) require that students are notified of the following exam conduct and NEA /coursework regulations. Please follow the links to read online documents. These notifications are common to all Ofqual regulated awarding bodies and are on permanent display in the main school exam notice board.

Information for candidates:


Cambridge International Examination Board also has key notification documents for IGCSE students. Please follow the links below to view them.



Alternatively, students may consult the school exam notice board in Palace.


Candidates have a responsibility to ensure that they do not bring the following items into the exam room at The King’s School:

School bags

these must be left at home (where possible) or safely stored away from the exam room in a classroom. Outdoor coats should also not be worn into the exam room.

Mobile phones

these must not be brought into the exam room or be left in pockets switched to silent.

MP3s/iPods/smart wear etc.

electronic devices with data storage or Bluetooth capabilities are prohibited.

Analogue watches are also prohibited in The King’s School exam room. 

Large wall clocks will be clearly visible to all candidates in all rooms.

Opaque, labelled or worded water bottles

only plain, transparent, unlabelled bottles are permitted.

Covered calculators

covers must be removed and left outside the exam room; all stored data must be erased.

Opaque pencil cases

only transparent, label-free pencil cases (or small plastic/freezer bags) are permitted.

N.B. Invigilation staff are required to confiscate all unauthorised items brought into the exam room and in certain instances may be required to notify exam boards. 


Results and Certificates

When public examination results are released, students will receive a named envelope with a ‘Statement of Results’ inside. This will be given directly to them or posted home if they are unable to attend a Results’ Day.   It is a requirement that results are released only to the candidate or to a named representative if a candidate’s written consent is given.

Statements of results should be kept in a safe place as they are useful interim proof of grades and an accurate record of the awarding body for each subject and qualification.  Official certificates are released later in the year and will normally be posted to the address the school holds on record for each candidate. Please make sure the school is kept up to date with any change of address.

NB: Awarding bodies state that schools may only retain exam certificates for ONE YEAR. After such time they must be destroyed.  It will be then up to the individual to retrieve their exam certificate at cost from the relevant awarding body.
Please see the following link: 

Appeals Procedures.

 Please follow the links to view The King’s School Exam appeals documents:


Get in Touch

If you would like to contact the Exams Office at King’s School, please email our Exams Officer: 
Mrs. Rachel Steckbeck - [email protected]

Students may also call into the Exams Office (located in the Chaplaincy building) during the school day. Alternatively, you may wish to contact our Deputy Head Academic Mr. Alex Smith for exam-related queries. [email protected]