Co-Curricular Opportunities

Co-Curricular Opportunities

One of our School’s most appreciated qualities is the extensive range of activities we offer beyond the curriculum.

Developing potential is one of King’s most important missions. Our varied programme of academic enrichment is designed to extend students whose intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm show they would enjoy and benefit from additional tuition.

Younger pupils have the opportunity, in extra sessions, to explore such topics as architecture, law and palaeography. For older pupils we arrange special sessions within curriculum time covering subjects such as forensic archaeology, the science of pandemics and chaos theory or similarly mind-stretching topics.

In the Fifth and Sixth Forms, students are invited to after-school lectures given by staff or visiting speakers where medical ethics, epistemology or censorship are typical subjects. All students are then encouraged to take part in the lively discussions which follow.

Fully detailed in the term programmes, activities can often be highly interactive or take workshop form. Recent events have included a Women in Engineering Day and a Maths Olympiad Challenge.

We also offer a myriad of co-curricular lunchtime clubs and, while every student is expected to attend at least one club a week, many attend more. The range is astonishing and includes: Mandarin, Introduction to Arabic, Tap Dancing, Cookery, Meditation, Java Programming, Knitting and Ultimate Frisbee - students are certain to find something to capture their interest and stimulate their imagination.  


Co-Curricular Activities

Duke of EdinburghDuke of Edinburgh
Overseas ExpeditionsOverseas Expeditions


At King's, we believe that it isn't just what you learn in the classroom that is important. We therefore offer a wealth of lunchtime and after school activities for pupils across the year groups to participate in.

You can see the list of current Co-curricular clubs:   HERE

All pupils choose at least one activity a term to take part in but we encourage participation in as many as they can and we find that pupils often participate in a variety of them.

Our lunchtime activities provide the pupils with a chance to learn something new such as Mandarin or Arabic, to try a new skill such as knitting or cookery, to take an interest/hobby and share it with others such as book club or tap dancing as well as to have fun, find out about new things from Java Programming to Meditation and enjoy all of this with friends from all year groups.

They are a break from formal lessons but they provide a great enhancement to the education we offer and we find that many pupils continue with the skills and interests they gain through lunchtime activities when they leave us for pastures new.

Our Second Form pupils undertook an independent learning week at the beginning of June, researching and presenting on topics of their choice. Here are some photographs of the week.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a valuable and highly rewarding experience. It provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves in a variety of ways and helps to develop many important life skills.

The Award consists of three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level consists of the following stages: Skill, Physical, Volunteering and Expedition. To obtain the Gold Award a Residential also has to be undertaken.

The Award continues to flourish at King's. The expedition programme has expanded geographically incorporating the local Cotswold Hills, Forest of Dean and the Brecon Beacons. We have also been to more distant and exciting areas of wild country including the Lake District and Dartmoor.

We have more than 30 participants each year for the Bronze Award. Generally, we have two or three Silver groups and up to two groups undertaking the Gold Award. It is very challenging indeed to obtain the Gold Award as it takes significant commitment and effort. It is highly respected and deserves a great deal of praise and recognition.

As an example, the 2022 awards had the following timetable: 

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme:

Saturday 30th April: 08.30 – 16.00 in the Cotswolds - Day Walk

Sunday 1st May: 9.00 – 16.00 in Palace Garden - Camp Craft Day

Sat/Sun 18th/19th June: The Cotswolds - Assessed Expedition

Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme:

Monday 11th July am – Wednesday 13th July am: Practice Expedition on Dartmoor

Saturday 20th August: Debrief and Route Planning Day in Palace

Saturday 27th August pm – Wednesday 31st August pm: Assessed Expedition in the Brecon Beacons

Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme:

Monday 11th July am – Wednesday 13th July pm: Practice Expedition on Dartmoor

Saturday 20th August: Debrief and Route Planning Day in Palace

Saturday 27th August pm – Wednesday 31st August pm: Assessed Expedition in the Brecon Beacons


A few photos from one of our D of E Bronze Assessed Expeditions :

Overseas Expeditions

At King's we have a rich tradition of challenging and highly rewarding Overseas Expeditions to a diverse range of locations worldwide. The experience gained by the students is immense and provides them with the opportunity of a lifetime.

In recent years’ destinations have included Zambia, the Himalayas, Mongolia, Equador and Borneo. Preparing for an expedition is as important as the trip itself and pupils take on planning, fundraising and fitness training in addition to gaining direct experience of teamwork and leadership during treks or local project work.

On their return pupils are invariably more mature, capable and confident. By pushing their own boundaries, they extend their personal horizons and acquire abilities that will last a lifetime.

Sevilla Trip - February 2019